Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shruti’s Marriage Proposal


Shruti tells Vaidika she only wants that she knows the man she married and her husband knows her. Bari Amma comes to the room with Anjana and wasn’t ready to listen to Vaidika blaming her to speak Yash’s language and interfering in their internal matters. She shouts at Shruti to go downstairs and agree to this marriage else she would force her to the mandap. Shruti wasn’t ready to marriage. Shruti warns to deny from this marriage in front of the guy’s family downstairs but Bari Amma forcefully drags her.
Vaidika comes to Sahil in the corridor. She tells Sahil it’s about his sister’s life, at least he must understand it’s about his sister’s life. She wants someone who marries her after knowing about the reality of her past. Sahil says he is with Shruti, and no one will force

her. Vaidika was relieved and says Shruti isn’t ready for marriage at this time, she isn’t denying marriage right now. Sahil now pins Vaidika to the wall behind and says if she agrees that forcing someone into a marriage is wrong, why he got him married to Nidhi?
There in Ishq Subhan Allah, Zara takes Kabeer’s consent to ask a question. Rukhsar was behind him for long, didn’t he ever fell for her. Kabeer asks what she wants to know. Zara says it’s an old saying that even if a drop continuously fell over a stone, the stone begins to crack; Kabeer is still a human. Kabeer says this is the difference between the real human, he saves himself from sin no matter what. Rukhsar never understood this. Zara place her head over Kabeer’s chest.
At the wedding ceremony, Maulvi Sahib asks the name of bride and groom and the amount of mehr. Hamdan says it’s one crore. Kabeer was shocked to hear the news. Shahbaz smiles. Kabeer confirms Hamdan who says if Kabeer’s mehr can be one crore, why can’t his mehr be. They pay the cheque. Zara was nervous while the Maulvi asks Rukhsar’s permission for Nikah.
At Agarwal House, Sahil asks Vaidika if he seemed ready for wedding from any angle. Vaidika says he wanted the right decision for him, she has repeatedly apologized him but he was no way ready to accept that Sahil-Vaidika love story isn’t possible. She leaves. Sahil says Sadika was and will always be possible. He was determined to find out who is the father to Nidhi’s child soon.
There, Nidhi comes to meet Karan outside, she complains to Karan why he insists to meet her repeatedly. There are guests at home. Karan says a fan fell over her, if their child is fine? Nidhi says it’s only her child, and he is fine. Deepak just came out looking for Nidhi, she vanishes from beside Karan. Deepak comes to Karan who says he was just coming inside. Deepak says there are guests for Shruti’s marriage inside, what he is doing here. They go inside together.
Deepak watch Nidhi come inside. The guests were discussing that they must wait until Shruti and Prerit speak to each other. Shruti and Prerit come outside. Shruti says she is ready for marriage. Vaidika thinks there must surely be something wrong, she can’t let Shruti marry a wrong guy.
PRECAP: Shruti requests Prerit to say a no to this marriage. He slaps Shruti. Karan watches this and tells Vaidika about it. Puneesh had sent Prerit into Agarwal family. Vaidika tells Sahil about the slap.
in Ishq Subhan Allah , Zara tells Rukhsar to never return and live happily in her life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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