Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 13th September 2017 Written Update


Dharam with Sarla reaches old age home. Tejaswini comes out car dickie and follows him, but slips. Dharam hears sound and stops. Tejaswini hides. Dharam walks in. Old ladies say Baa is breahing last and wanted to meet him. Dharam tells Baa that she cannot leave him alone so early. Baa says he is not her son, even then he took care of her like a son, people call him goon, but he is a big messiah. She says inspector Nitin Mehta was a beast who burnt her house and tried to killed her children, he will not get place even in hell. She continues that Nitin was a most corrupt officer. Dharam asks her to calm down. Baa says she wanted to see him last time and can die peacefully. She blesses Dharam and dies. Tejaswini is shocked to hear that her papa was a corrupt officer and

a wrong human being.
Prem searches Tejawini on roads. Tejaswini reaches Shardha’s house. Mamaji stops her outside and asks why did she come here at this time. She asks if her papa was a corrupt officer. He turns and says he was a honest man. She asks him to look into her eyes and tell, she married Prem to punish Dharam and wrong. He agrees that her papa was a corrupt officer and her mother used to think he is honest, she could not handle his death and was in depression, so he did not tell truth. When he saw Tejaswini and didi happy, he did not stop them from doing wrong. She shatters that she did wrong to innocent Prem and his family. She asks him to return home and live her alone.

Tejawini walks on secluded street reminiscing marrying Prem and throws her jewelry away. She reaches Shardha’s house shattered. Sharda consoles her and asks her what happened. Prem calls Preeti and asks if |Tejaswini is there. Preeti says yes. He happily walks towards Tejawini’s house. Tejawini confronts Sharda that she did very wrong by marrying innocent Prem to take revenge from Dharam. She never loved Prem at all. Prem comes there and hears that. Preeti sees them and smirks that her plan succeeded. Prem shatters and walks away. Tejaswini continues that she did very wrong and cannot betray Prem, she will not take any revenge, etc… Drama continues.

Precap: Sharda asks Tejaswini how can she forget that Dharam killed her papa, she has to get justice for papa. Tejaswini shouts she was wrong, her papa was a corrupt officer. Sharda slaps her.

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