Baazigar 2nd August 2016 Written Update


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Baazigar 2nd August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aru meeting bank officials. He asks can she give presentation. She says yes, I want to tell you about the investment of 20 crores, and there is backup plan for 5 years which will cover the loss. He says good, we are eager to see your presentation. She plays the video and gets shocked seeing the kids video coming. She checks file and says sorry, I think some file got mixed, give me 5 mins, I will find presentation and show you. She sees the kids and gets emotional. She says there is problem in presentation, I will tell you, what I have planned is…. She gets upset. The man asks her to come later with better preparation. She says sorry and leaves. She sees Aarav coming and gets shocked. Aarav greets the men and says give me two minutes, I have a presentation that will be worth your time.

Later, they come home. Aarav makes her have sweets for his success. He tells Badri that he has passed the second step and won. Badri says I announce Aarav as second phase winner. They all clap for Aarav.

Aarav sees the boards and points. Aru says I play fair, I don’t cheat and win like you. She says this time we will see who wins and who loses, I hope you don’t do cheating this time. He says everything is fair in love, war and business. He says winning is important, I m talking like a business Guru, why am I giving this Gyaan to you, even when you need it a lot, you are guest in this house, you will know it.

She says you are just a machine, you have no emotions and pain in you, the man who can use his dead child to win, he is called a fraud. She taunts him and says if you feel you will make me weak by using my motherly feelings, you are wrong, it has become my strength, that’s why I m here in your room.

Someone comes to meet Badri. He says no one can know with whom I m. Its Aru. Aru and Badri smile. She says this was my plan and this is my revenge, Aarav says he is big Baazigar, he will win this game by losing his everything, welcome to hell Aarav. Badri says I had to help you bahu, whatever happened with you was wrong. I had to settle scores with Aarav, I don’t have enmity with this family, but I can’t leave Aarav. He says Aarav is very intelligent in business, if he knows who is behind this game, he will become our enemy. She says I know, so I m thinking like him to take revenge.

Aarav gives papers to lawyer and asks him to register company for loan approving. He likes the food and calls chef to praise him. Chef says madam made this. Aru asks Aarav to have dish and not do mistake to underestimate her. He throws water on her face.

He calls her termite and says he will get rid of her. He wipes her face and scolds her. He says I don’t like to win, I just want to get rid of you forever. He says I don’t any chance, there are many ways to revenge, you can succeed in business, if you think you will get higher than me in name and fame, you are mistaken. He shows her the logo for food processing company. He says afterall I m going to head it, girls can just say colors, as they have less mind. She puts black color in it and dips his hand on it. She makes him blacken his face. He gets angry.

She says this color, black of your logo and your fate, I will color your fate pic in this color, black color means darkness, like you are scared of darkness, be scared of me, you called me termite, I m eclipse in your life, a girl can say colors and show it too. He gets angry on her and goes to meet Badri, as servant informs Aarav that Badri is calling him.

Badri tells Aarav and Aru that they are at same level now, he needs land and gives them details of land. He says whoever wins this step will be winner of this challenge. He tells about the land owner, she is beautiful but clever lady, its not easy to convince her. Aarav says its no use if Aru convinces her to get land, I will get loan. Badri says what will you do of loan if land is not there, Samaira will not sell land without reason, whoever convinces her to sell land wins. Aarav says this time, I will try first.

Aarav goes to meet Samaira and gives her a bouquet. He talks to her and tries to convince her for land sale. He praises her beauty. She asks him to come to point, whats his business proposal. He shows some papers and says I will pay more than your land’s expected amount. He gives her cheque and smiles. She returns the cheque and papers to him. She says I like confidence, not overconfidence, I m sorry, I don’t want to sell this land. He gets shocked.

Aarav sees Aru talking with Samaira. He asks do you know each other. Samaira goes to meet someone, and Padma hides in her car.

Written Update by Amena

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