Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th August 2016 Written Update


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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 10th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajni scaring Surili and shows her sparkling eyes, and asks her to give keys. Surili is shocked. Rajni tells Maggie and Sharmila that she got the keys and asks them to follow her. Surili cries and tells Amrish that she asked Rajni to become dangerous vamp to deal with Samaira and says she has got into the skin of the character. Maggie tells Surili that some jewellery needs to be polished. Sharmila says we have to renewal the policies. Rajni says we shall change old owner of keys. Surili says Rajni wants to prove that she can drink my blood without straw. Rajni laughs. Amrish says I think Rajni wants to prove that the bahus can take care of house responsibility. Dhyan says you said right. Amrish says it is decided and says whoever have the keys will handle that department. He gives jewellery dept to Maggie and documents dept to Sharmila and house responsibility to Rajni. They get happy. Rajni says we will meet at 7 am. Maggie tells Sharmila that she might have told 10 am. Surili thinks Amrish distributed keys and says I hate you Rajni.

Rajni comes to hall and says it is 7 am, and nobody is waken up. She thinks they are taking me lightly, I have to show Rajni, the killer cat’s real avatar. She switches off lights with her enlarged hand. Everyone wake up and come to hall. Surili asks what happened? Rajni says I have switched off lights from the main switch board. Maggie asks what is this joke? Rajni says what I said that we will meet at 7 am. Amrish switches on electricity. Sharmila says we need to sleep. Rajni says 1 min and hits hunter on floor. Sharmila asks you are threatening me. Rajni says no, I am giving warning to all Kant Family. Surili asks how dare you to talk to me like this. Rajni asks Surili not to get angry and says you might have forgotten that this house is mine, and says will have my rules. She asks Maggie to sweep the house, and asks Sharmila to do clean the house. She asks Surili to make tea every day. Surili laughs and says forget it. Amrish says your politics is turned, says Rajni might be possessed by a ghost. He asks her to make tea. Rajni says I have to make you alright, and asks him to change his clothes and go to work. Amrish says okay…I will go to office. Rajni asks Dhyan to bring vegetables from market. Dhyan agrees. Gyan laughs. Rajni asks him to line up all pending bills. Gyan says my eyes are closed. Rajni asks him to open his eyes. Gyan says I will go and work.

Rajni asks everyone to start working. Bubbles come there and asks why everyone is awake. Rajni says female johny walker and says we were waiting for you. She says you are getting fat day by day and asks her to iron all the clothes. Bubbles says I….and drinks wine. Shaguta comes and sees Sharmila and Maggie cleaning the house. She is shocked. Rajni asks her to wash all the utensils. Shaguta says I am not afraid of anyone and touches her. She feels current and tells Surili. Shaan comes. Rajni sees him and thinks a vamp acts as victimized infront of her husband. She asks Shaguta to catch the hunter and throws it. She then falls on her knees and asks her not to beat her. Shaguta thinks Rajni has realized her mistake. Neighbor comes just then and says I am your new neighbor. She asks Rajni, if they have beaten you. Rajni says yes. Neighbor asks where is your kitchen and goes to get something from kitchen. She leaves. Shaan comes there. Rajni hugs him and says Shaguta have beaten her very much. Shaan asks Shaguta not to be stupid. Rajni takes him.

Sharmila asks why she is doing drama? Surili says she is taking revenge and says we will fight with her altogether. They say we are together. Shaan takes Rajni to room. Shaan says I couldn’t change your vamp mode and says you are acting. Rajni acts to be victimized and troubled by family. She says I will dismantled myself. Shaan says I will dismantled you and reprogram you. He detects Virus in her memory chip and sensors. He thinks to buy new one and asks Rajni to control her gundagiri. He asks her to promise, thinks she is a robot. Rajni asks did I ever troubled you, no as you are my creater. Shaan asks her to follow Adarsh bahu program and goes. Rajni says Shaan is innocent and says her promise is void. She laughs and says Rajni, the killer cat will apply divide and rule policy….

Shaan tells Rajni that she has bad qualities more than good ones. Neighbor sees Shaan hitting Rajni’s hand with hammer and gets shocked. Police comes to Kant house and says we got complained that you people torture her for dowry. Everyone is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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