Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th September 2016 Written Update


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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 19th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shanta keeping knife on Surili’s neck. Surili asks Amrish to save me. Amrish tells Shanta that Rajni have a misunderstanding and called you here. Shanta says my time is wasted. Amrish gives her money. Shanta leaves. Amartya says my respect is saved. Surili says my life. Bubbles says you was getting panic attacks and feeling current. Amartya says I like someone. Surili asks who is that girl? Amartya says I am feeling shy and goes. Surili says Bhai 2…and gets angry on Rajni. She says I will see you later. Rajni nods her head and says okay mummy ji. She thinks I will come later to be seen by her. Amrish tells Rajni that you made me happy today, and says Surili and Amartya were shocked seeing Shanta. Shaan asks him not to make fun of emotions. Gyan asks whose emotions. Shaan says fisher woman’s emotions. Everyone laughs. Dhyan says mamu said that he likes someone. Amrish says he can like Madhuri Dixit, but she should also like him. Rajni says God must have made some item for him. Amrish asks her that item, and other words are used to tease girls. Rajni says it is strange why so many girls to call a girl. She says just like too many holes on this table. She says if there was a only hole then confusion would have been cleared. She puts all the balls in one hole. Dhyan says unbelievable, you are not human…Rajni says right. Dhyan says super woman. Amrish says you will bring gold medal home. Shaan asks him to think who is Amartya’s love.

Surili asks Amartya to tell who is that lucky girl. Amartya tells that he loves funnel, test tube, Bubbles etc. Surili says I heard Bubbles. Amartya says I loves bubbles which are boiling in the chemical. Surili asks him to bring that girl and says I will fix your girl. Sharmila says tomorrow is Bua’s Swayamvar. Surili says not Swayamvar and asks Amartya to call girl. Amartya thinks if Didi comes to know that my choice is bubbles then she will be shocked. He thinks to confess his feelings to Bubbles first. Bubbles is seeing guy’s pics and choses a guy. Amartya peeps in her room and thinks nothing can happen now as Bubbles is happy.

Rajni knocks on Amrish and Surili’s room. Surili wakes up and opens the door. Rajni says you told that you will see me later, and asks when you will see me. Surili says I have pain in your nose because of your questions. Rajni says I will take out your pain from its roots and hits on her nose. Surili holds her nose shockingly. She wakes up and it was her dream. She tells Amrish that Rajni has cut her nose and tells that how she will poke in someone’s matters now. Amrish says it was a dream. Surili says my dreams also come true and tells that the dream will come true, gets shocked.

In the morning, Surili thinks there is no Punjabi arrangements for the Swayamvar. Rajni comes and tells you told me that you will see me later. Surili asks her to vanish. Rajni shows the knife. Surili recalls her dream in which Rajni is chopping off her nose. Rajni says it is Shanta’s knife and asks when to return. Surili asks her to go. Maggie and Sharmila come and ask what happened? Surili says you will know when your nose is about to cut. She asks where is Bhai 2, and says he was about to call his girl friend here.

Amrish calls the guys for the swayamvar and asks everyone to tell something. First candidate introduces himself as Sahil. Bubbles says she likes him. Next candidate says that he likes Bubbles. Bubbles tells Amrish that she will die happily. Next candidate tells that he is a minister, and then says his name is Neta Chaddha (minister by name), fourth candidate introduces himself. Bubbles tells Amrish that she couldn’t chose. Surili tells Rajni that she is proud of her for bringing the wonders for their wonder Bubbles. Amrish asks Rajni, if they are right for Bubbles. Rajni tells him that they showed interest in Bubbles and asks him to test them, says nobody is straight/ honest like robots. Amrish tells that Bubbles will speak now. Bubbles tells them that she drinks wine. Surili says this is our last chance to kick you out and asks her to sit down. Amrish introduces Surili to the guys, and tells that she has a dream to cut nose. Rajni says until you gives me command, I can’t cut your nose. Gyan asks how dare you and says I would have hang Maggie upside down. Maggie says I take care of you so much. Sharmila says you makes Gyan massage your legs daily. Surili is shocked. Amrish says one guy is gone. Amartya is looking there. Bubbles comes to him and asks him to help her choose a guy for her. Amartya thinks if bubbles chooses a guy then he will be left alone. He thinks he have to do something.

Rajni tells Amartya that Bubbles is jealous as he is getting married. Amartya thinks she also loves him and beats the prospective guys.

Written Update by H Hasan

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