Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th September 2016 Written Update


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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 20th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bubbles asking Amartya to tell her, who is best among the guys. Amartya looks at them and tells nobody deserves you, and goes. Bubbles asks Rajni, why did he tell that the guys are not good. She asks if his girl friend is beautiful. Surili says my bhai 2’s girl friend will be beautiful, classy and educated. She asks Bubbles not to get jealous and says I have to meet my bhabhi. Bubbles asks if they are crack and asks why will I get jealous. Rajni scans her facial expressions, and says 94.5 percent jealousy is reflecting. Bubbles says I have 4 guys at my side and says why I will get jealous. She sees only 3. Amartya is jealous and thinks he can’t see Bubbles Swayamvar. Surili comes calling him and asks him to call his girl friend. Amartya says it is not possible today as I am angry. He says she is doing Swayamvar today. He then changes words and says she likes herself and don’t have time to like others. He says I will scold her and is about to go. Rajni comes and he stops. Surili asks you came back.

Rajni says yes mummy ji, he can’t go until I am here. Amartya asks her to stay far from him. Rajni says I came to inform you that Bubbles bua is jealous. Amartya says may be due to acidity, I have to give her tablet. Rajni says she is jealous as you are getting married. Amartya gets happy. Surili says ofcourse she will jealous. Rajni says bye. Amartya thinks to make the guys run away. He comes to the guys and scolds them, and getting attack. He then beats them. Bubbles comes and asks why you are beating them. Amartya says I will beat them. Bubbles says you have again machine phobia and makes him take tablet. Amartya apologizes to them. Bubbles take him from there. Bubbles asks Amartya, don’t you want to see my happiness. Amartya says I want to see you happy and says we shall go out. Bubbles says why I will come with you, leaving my swayamvar. Amartya says it will be fun when medicine, wine and……Rajni comes and says prayer. Bubbles gets scared and hugs him. Amartya is happy. Rajni asks why you are hugging him. Bubbles says I got scared. Rajni asks her to come. Amartya thinks time was right and I got hug from Bubbles.

Amartya says round 2 starts and asks how you will take Bubbles for an outing. A guy gets up and tells Bubbles that they will go on a long drive, and asks her to sit on his imaginary bike. Bubbles acts to sit on a fake bike. Amrish asks Shaan to blow the wind. Shaan uses the fan. Rajni thinks I can give much air and blows air from her mouth. Bubbles flies away. Everyone is surprised. Shaan stops Rajni. That guy’s wig falls down. Dhyan gives him wig and asks him to handle his jawani. Gyan asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. Shaan says it is a power of lungs. Rajni is about to tell truth. Shaan stops her, and asks Rocky about his baldness. Rocky says I am just 35. Rajni takes out his hearing aid and says he can’t hear properly now. Rocky says I am 50 plus, but 35 plus from heart.

Amrish asks him to leave. Surili laughs. He says two guys go in third round. Maggie asks him to check their hairs and ears. Sharmila says yes. Maggie and Sharmila go and try to pluck their hairs and check ears. They say it is original. Amrish asks Rajni to come to side, and asks how we shall test the remaining two. Rajni says one needs to be a good human and shall respect young people too. Amrish asks her to call Aishwarya for testing. Rajni says Aishwarya went on a leave. Amrish gets an idea.

He asks the guys to make food for Bubbles. Dhyan says it is necessary. Amrish says Ramu Kaka will help you. Everyone see Amartya coming there as Ramu Kaka and are shocked. Shaan asks Amu Ramu kaka. Surili excuses herself, and takes Amrish to side. Amartya follows them. Surili asks how dare you? Amrish says I didn’t force him, and just asked for his help. Amartya recalls Amrish asking him to become servant and threatening him by showing phone. Surili asks Amartya, if this is truth. Amartya says this is truth. Amrish asks him to come, and says cooking competition will start now. Amartya helps the guys in chopping the vegetables and stirring their dishes. Guy asks him to keep food in microwave. Amartya says it is not working. They ask him to bring coriander. Rajni asks him to take it. Amartya gets a panic attack as Rajni is near him and makes the dish fall on the other guy. One of the guy hits and push him. Everyone is angry.

Rajni tells Amrish that she has repaired all electronics and says she has repaired that board fuse, and says Bua will get 440 volts shock. They are shocked. Bubbles dances while the chosen guy is sitting.

Written Update by H Hasan

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