Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th September 2016 Written Update


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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bubbles telling Surili that it is God’s blessing that her marriage and suhaagraat is set. Surili says why there is a hurry, and says you haven’t passed in Bengali test. She says I will teach you how to behave in Bengali. She says Bengali women are loving and caring, and loves nature too. She says I will teach you, and asks her to give water to plants. She asks her to observe and water the plants. She tells plant is happy and coming up. She sees snake…and says it has come. Bubbles sees snake, shouts and run away. Surili says I told you that Surili Kant’s yog is on you. Snake Charmer comes there and says he brought snake as she told him. He says snake is non poisonous and asks for 5000 Rs. for an hour. Surili says she will give him 10000 Rs. if this snake is successful. Bubbles comes to Amartya and tells him that she saw big snake outside. Amartya sees snake behind her and is shocked too. Bubbles shouts seeing snake and hits on it. Snake falls far. Maggie, Sharmila, Gyan and Dhyan are scared.

Surili comes and acts to get scared. She says snake is here, I am scared. Amartya and Bubbles are hiding together. Surili smiles. She again acts and says Pandit ji baba said right…and asks Bubbles to refuse for marriage. Bubbles says she can’t back out and says this snake should bite me. Amartya says I will become its victim. Bubbles says you are weak, I am stronger, and says I will get bitten. Surili asks snake not to scare her and calls it fake. Shaan says he will call Rajni and goes. Snake charmer comes to Surili and signs her to come. Surili asks what you are doing here? Snake Charmer tells her that it is a poisonous snake, he brought it by mistake. He says I can’t take risk to catch it, and says the person who is bitten by it will die within 2 seconds. Surili is shocked.

The snake charmer goes. Surili feels apologetic and scared. Rajni comes and holds the snake in her hand, says it is her ultimate command to protect them all. Amrish asks Rajni to throw it. Rajni asks why you are scared, until it is in my hand, nothing will happen to you all. Snake bites on Rajni. Surili is shocked and says it is a poisonous snake. Rajni says nothing will happen to me by snake venom. Shaan brings basket and asks Rajni to keep snake in it and throw it outside the gate. Rajni says tata. Surili asks Shaan to call ambulance. Shaan says not needed, as nothing happened to her. He says I am so proud of you…He tells that humans can die, and says nothing have happened to her. Rajni says right, says humans can get affected, but I am…Shaan says she is unhurt. He says we will talk on the important matter. He says Amartya and Bubbles have saved each other life, and this is their true love. He asks Amrish to agree. Dhyan and Gyan agree with Shaan and asks Amrish to agree.

Amrish says you are saying right. He says a brother wants a caring husband for his sister and says you have melted by heart. Bubbles hugs him. Amrish asks Surili to tell something. Surili is shocked. Rajni says according to my data, silence is approval for a woman. Shaan says mom is in shock. Amrish says Surili is also agreed. He decides to get them married by tomorrow itself. They get happy. Amartya says this is happening because of Rajni and thanks her and Shaan. Shaan calls him phupha ji. Amartya says lets go and make the arrangements. Surili thinks she has seen snake biting Rajni with her eyes and thinks who is Rajni?

Shaan checks Rajni and asks her to remove her liquid and says he will bring new liquid. He asks her to stop shivering. Surili thinks how can this be possible and calls snake charmer. She asks are you sure that the snake was poisonous? Man says it was poisonous else I wouldn’t have ran away. Surili says okay. She peeps in Shaan’s room and sees her spitting green liquid in burette. She thinks Rajni is spitting venom from her mouth and is shocked. She comes to Shaan and Rajni’s room. Rajni says hello mummy ji. Surili says hi. She asks what did you take out from your mouth. Rajni says coolent. Surili asks if you are car? She asks her not to joke…Rajni says you should know that I don’t joke. Surili says I have seen with my own eyes that you was bitten by snake. Rajni says correct, but I can’t die as I don’t have this feature. She says if you want then I can die. She acts to die. Surili asks her to make her face right, and says I don’t know why you are not affected. She asks who are you? Rajni says I am a top secret, but I want to tell you something and says you have lost the challenge to stop Amartya and Bubbles marriage. Surili says now I am confused. She thinks Amartya and Bubbles think that she is strange. Rajni says I can hear you. Surili says sorry…and talk slowly to herself. Rajni says I can hear you now itself. Surili goes out.

Bubbles and Amartya hug each other. Surili comes and cough to break their hug. She thinks it is more dangerous. She tells Amartya and Bubbles that she wants to talk. She asks why did you get scared with Rajni before and used to call her machine. Amartya says whenever I saw her, I thought there is something wrong with her and I used to shout that she is a machine. He says Bubbles thought she is a ghost.. He says I enquired and found out that I was stupid….he says Rajni is an angel. Bubbles says yes. Surili asks them to stop it and says angel don’t do dangerous thing like your marriage. She asks them not to stress her. She thinks they are mad in love, and thinks to find out the secret about Rajni.

Surili asks Rajni to bring Pandit ji and don’t come home until she finds him. Rajni accepts her command. Later Surili thinks Rajni is a kid infront of her and will be lost in the city searching Pandit.

Written Update by H Hasan

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