Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd August 2016 Written Update


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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gyan stopping Amrish and says your bones will break. Amrish says it is a matter of my prestige now. Gyan says I will show him being your elder son. Aashiq rolls back and asks him to do it. Gyan finds it hard to do, but says it is very easy, show something else. Surili says stop it and tells Aashiq that these people will not let us do yoga, lets go to room. Aashiq says okay and they leave. Amrish and Gyan get tensed. Samaira comes home and sees Shaan on floor and asking her to save him. Shaan gives her bouquet and asks her to drink coffee with him as today is the last day of his bachelorhood. Samaira says until when you will insult me. She says I am going today. Shaan stops her and says I want to talk to you. He says I want to tell you about a secret. He says Rajni is not my wife….Samaira is shocked. Shaan says we are married, but our marriage is not valid in human form. He says Rajni is my creation. Samaira says just like you are fooling me. He says okay, I will tell you and says Rajni is a Super…..Rajni comes and says Model. Photographer comes with her and clicks her pics. Shaan asks what is all this? Rajni says I am super model…Diva. Don’t call me Rajni.

Surili, Maggie and Sharmila doing Yoga and ask Aashiq which asana to do after this. Amrish and Gyan are angry. Sharmila asks Aashiq to help her and hold her legs, as it is paining. Aashiq holds her legs. Dhyan gets angry. Maggie says ber hands are pained. Aashiq holds it. Surili says it will happen with yoga. Once they see them gone, asks Aashiq to stay away from them, say they are someone’s amanat/safe keeping. Photographer Chintu tells Rajni that he will make her life. Rajni asks him to make her life and says she is bored of being a wife. Shaan asks him to leave. Chintu asks who is he? Rajni says he is my ex husband and now a bachelor. Samaira asks Shaan why he is against her decision and let her do what she wants.

Gyan brings juice and asks Aashiq to take it. Aashiq refuses but is about to take it. Gyan throws juice on his shirt. Sharmila asks Aashiq, are you okay? Gyan says your shirt got dirty, take it out…I will get it cleaned. Aashiq removes his shirt. Maggie and Sharmila admire his six packs abs, and says they were tired of seeing family packs. Surili asks Gyan to get him another shirt. Amrish comes and praises his strength. Aashiq says you are a tough man. Dhyan says if we punch him then he will not break. Amrish says lets see and punch him. Surili says nothing shall happen. Aashiq accepts the challenge and says he wants to see what he can do. Amrish asks Dhyan to fulfill their wish and damage him fully. Dhyan says yes sure. Dhyan punches on his stomach, and ends up hurting his own hand. Amrish says you are punctured. Sharmila says my cupcake. Maggie asks her to calm down. Aashiq smiles. Dhyan, Amrish and Dhyan hits him with their hands and injures their hands. Amrish says I am seeing young Amrish in him and says lets go and rest for sometime. Surili tells Aashiq to cover himself and puts towel on him.

Sharmila says what will happen to Rajni’s husband. Surili says his lesson must have started by now. Chintu asks Rajni to come to some exotic location, ie, jungle. Rajni says yes, and says I will jump from one tree to another like a tarzan. Shaan tells Rajni that you will not go anywhere. Rajni asks him to stop worrying about her and take care of his item Samaira.

Shaan says Samaira is not an item and asks her not to misbehave. Samaira says I will not bear any more insult and goes. Rajni asks Chintu to wait and says she will bring her costume and vanity kit. Shaan thinks everyone will know that she is a robot when she jumps from one tree to another. He scares Chintu and says truck drivers will beat you. Chintu runs away. Shaan thinks to woo Samaira….Gyan brings Aashiq’s tshirt and says these are the location. They plan to sprinkle itching powder on his tshirt and laugh. Rajni comes and asks what you are doing? Amrish asks how come you are here? Rajni says I am going to get my jane dress and says she is going to jungle and tells about her plan. Dhyan asks him to concentrate on their plan. Amrish asks did you hear anything. Rajni scans the place and asks you are spraying this itching powder on whose tshirt. Amrish says they are thinking to make halwa and asks her to go to jungle and do mangal. Rajni says bye strangers and goes.

Amrish sprinkles powder on the tshirt and says yalghaar ho…Gyan keeps tshirt there and thinks he will wear it by himself. Shaan searches for his tshirt as the tshirt which he has worn is torn. He sees Rajni coming and asks her to find his maroon tshirt. Rajni asks why you are asking me, and says I am not your wife. She says she wants to go to jungle and enjoy swinging to the tree branches and says I didn’t know that singlehood is so enjoyable. Shaan says you have forgotten that I am your creator and asks her to do as he says. He asks her to search his tshirt and iron it. Rajni says I can’t accept your commands now and can accept only my bestie Su…command. Shaan gets angry and says mum have made you calculator and asks her not to irritate him. Rajni asks what you will do? Shaan says I am your creator and can shut you down. Rajni says you have forgotten what I can do and ruin. She shows her electric finger.

Rajni and others give photo shoot in the jungle. Rajni lifts a big stone shocking everyone.

Written Update by H Hasan

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