Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th November 2016 Written Update


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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th November 2016 Written Update

Mala hears door knock and opens door. She is shocked to see Sushanth standing in front of her. She comes out of her imagination and gets sad. Viren and Kusum asks her not to get so sad. Maya says she wants to work. Viren says he will speak to his friend and get her a job and takes her to his friend’s factory and requests for a job. Friend agrees and asks Maya when she can join. Maya says right now. Friend shows her factory. Sushanth meets Viren there and Viren asks about Diwakar. Sushanth says he is fine and says he has some work. Viren says okay. Maya comes back and says Viren that factory and employees are really good. Viren says Saachi’s jeth had come and he wanted to introducer her, will introduce some other day.

At Sethia bhavan, Diwakar insists to go personally and bring house papers. Prabhath and Aryan say they will go. Diwakar says he made a mistake and he will go. Aryan tells Saachi they have to do something. He acts as scolding Saachi and tells Diwakar that she is disobeying him, evven afer he ordered not to go to her parent’s house, she wants to go. Diwakar scolds him to stop scolding bahu and tells Saachi that she can go to her parent’s house. Saachi thanks him and says she will bring papers also. Sarita says Saachi is daughter of that house first and then their bahu, so let her go and bring papers. Diwakar says okay. Saachi thanks Diwakar and looks at Aryan. They both smile. Diwakar walks tensely. Sarita calms him that everything will be alright. Viren’s friend calls him and informs that Rajgadia is Diwakar’s close friend and Viren must be playing trick to buy house. Rajgadia chats with Viren and reminds him that he had met him during some conference 4 years ago. Viren says must be, but he has to go now and leaves. Diwakar calls Aryan angrily and asks him to call Saachi and stop her from talking about papers to Viren. He says okay.

Saachi reaches Viren’s house. Viren is busy cooking and gets very happy seeing her. Father and daughter’s emotional bonding starts. Saachi says she came to talk. Viren says okay. Aryan calls her just then and tells papa canceled deal with Rajgadia and she should not talk about papers with Viren and asks her to say namaste to everyone. Viren hears namaste and repeats namaste namaste. Family’s bonding continues. Viren prepares sweet and serves her. They all sit in garden and are about to taste halwa when Maya’s son comes running and falls on Saachi. Saachi picks him and asks if he is not injured. Maya also comes. Viren says she is…Saachi says she knows she is Maya and her son Sonu, papa discussed a lot about them.

Diwakar tells Prabhath that Rajgadia is Viren’s close friend and Viren is trying to buy haveli via Rajgadia, so he canceled deal. He asks not to discuss about it to anyone, especiallywith Aryan and Saachi as he does not want Saachi to get tensed, she is his bahu and does not want her to be sad.

Precap: Maya sees Sushanth’s pic in Saachi’s mobile and says he is Karan, her husband.

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