The Episode starts with Puttan saying aliens attacked on me. Chaitu asks why. Puttan says I have everything. Imli asks did you lose your brain, that’s your biggest asset. Chaitu asks how would he identify you then. Jha comes and complains about aliens. Khoji says its an alien attack, the govt is still sleeping, why did aliens choose to come to our state. Chaitu says call an urgent meeting and call alien experts, media shouldn’t know. Chaya says I will post, Chaitu will welcome aliens. Puttan says no, make them go away, they have hit me, listen to me. Chaya says I think the aliens have come. Scientist Antriksh comes and says I know aliens have come. Antriksh scares them more about the aliens. He gives some silly theory. He says its a golden chance to become their friends, we will become rich if we get their technology. Chaitu asks how will we identify them. Antriksh says they can come in any form. He goes and warns the public about aliens. The people argue. He asks them to get scared of aliens, they are dangerous. The people ask him to inform only if he has any confirmation. He says aliens are imp for us, inform us, we will take them back to their planet. Jha says your family will meet you only in the presence from guards. Chaitu asks why. Chaya says your family can also attack on you after getting possessed by aliens. Imli and Malai say we will protect you from aliens. Ghotali says we shouldn’t be afraid. Chaya says we can’t lessen your security. Chaitu asks where is Puttan. Malai says he went to doctor with party men. Puttan passes by a train and gets hit by a slipper. He boasts of his bravery and goes in to check. They get shocked seeing the alien. They faint seeing all the aliens. Imli says I m worried for Puttan. Chaitu says he will come. Puttan comes and gets aliens home. He tells Chaitu that their fate will change because of the aliens. They all get shocked. Precap: Imli cries and says the alien has bitten my finger. Puttan says they are hungry. He feeds the aliens and says we will grow stronger using the aliens. Khoji says some people have seen aliens inside CM house. Update Credit to: Amena


The Episode starts with Sameer and Naina getting worried as the car doesn’t start. Swati and Hema come there. Tai ji gets angry. Anand says she called them. He asks them to come. Sameer tells Naina that car is not starting. Naina says why did you bring car? Sameer says you are saying as if I have compromised with the car. Neighbor asks Pooja to deliver boy soon. Varun says he needs a daughter. Anand likes his thinking. Naina calls on their landline. Preeti picks the call and tells Naina about the surprise birthday party. Naina tells her that they will come a bit late. Sameer calls Munna and pandit and gets to know that they are unavailable. Naina gets tensed. Sameer asks her not to worry. Naina scolds him being scared and says it is difficult to be a girl. Sameer asks her to relax and says

he will see what to do. Mama ji and others ask Munna to tell where is Sameer? They all ask him. Munna says Poonam bhabhi called me to have pakodas and nobody asked even tea. Poonam’s husband asks her to tell and says we all are worried for him. Munna tells them that Sameer went to Jamnagar with Pandit. Mama ji says he is lying. Munna says I didn’t know and swears on his family. Munna prays God shall help Sameer and Naina.
Sameer’s voiceover tells that time is the villain who doesn’t think about anyone’s feelings, emotions etc. Naina tries to take lift. Sameer says he will take lift. They see a car coming and take lift. The strangers sitting in the car tell that they are going to celebrate their friend’s birthday. He guys in the car asks Sameer why do girls fight? Naina asks them to be a girl for a day and then see how difficult it is to become a girl. Taya ji says I will leave now and says I didn’t wait this much even for my client. Swati asks Preeti to call Kamya and asks her to come late with Naina. Naina’s voiceover tells that the child shall be caught when he/she steals first else they get strength to more big theft. She calls on Kamya’s number and asks about her. Her mum tells that she went. Preeti gets tensed.

Kamya comes there and lies to Bela that Naina is attending extra class in college. She says she didn’t tell her as she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Police stops the car in which Sameer and Naina are traveling and find wine bottle in it. They get shocked.

Sameer and Naina get arrested along with others. Naina cries. Rakesh, Anand and others cry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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