Ganga 11th August 2016 Written Update


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Ganga 11th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Court
sagar asks ganga to have some sense, as due to her carelessness, he also had to hear the lecture, as the doctor presumed that he is the father and they are a couple. she taunts that he is definitely not a couple wioth her, or the father. he asks her to take care then. she asks why does he care so much and let it go. he says that hates her and hwer child so much so, and he wouldnt have anyone to give her hatred too. he says that he loves her ardently, and hence grew to hate her ardently. just then, pulkit and zoya arrive, while sagar leaves hastily. ganga is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s and ganga’s residence
all are tensed for rudra and the solid case that ganga made for her, but pulkit is tensed for ganga, and explains what happened in the morning. they all look at sagar, while he says that he had no other option. he leaves from there. they think that he is still tensed for whats going on and hasnt forgotten her completely. then niranjan enters and he too goes in without listening to ayone. he rushes in and locks the door. they are all boggled. Meanwhile, inside, niranjan, sagar, raahat and ganga, in their respective rooms, have severe despair, as they realsie the latest turn their lives have taken. supriya gets back the plate of food, and ammaji sees it. she gets to know that noone ate last night. ammaji is tensed.

The next morning, ammaji finds from madhvi that niru has still got the room locked, and is tensed. ammaji is tensed. she sends madhvi to prepare for puja, while she herself is tensed. she hopes that niru isnt taken back to the past and that she cant afford to take the risk of him meeting raahat and decides to do something about it.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
ammaji lashes at raahat as she coems on her doorstep, thropwing money at her face, asking her to get lost and leave the city. as they spill out truth, about zoya’ being niru’s illegitimate daughter, Ganga hears and is thoroughly shocked. ammaji says that the world knows something else, and that she has been married to that commoner guy. they keep taunting and accusing one another. she explains how he had gone abroad, and she had sent letters, but he didnt respond. ammaji asks her to think then. she asks raahat if niru sent back any answer and says that he didnt tell her, because niru knew her truth, and asks if she is trying to cast off her illgitimate affair, on niru. ammaji is furious. ganga who is hearing all this, shocked and distraught, claps and taunts her, saying that she did the same with sagar and now with niru,. and she thinks her money can buy everything. ammaji lashes at her, while ganga reminds her, and says that ammaji cant go on, and that its enough. she goes to raahat and holds her hand. ganga says that she is Raahat Mirza, who wont leave the town, at all, and asks her if her money can buy all the relations, but she is mistaken, as everything isnt for sale, in the world. she asks her to keep her money. ammaji says that she made a big mistake to have brought her up, as she knew she would bring ruin for them, and she did exactly that. ammaji leaves rushedly. Inside, raahat tells ganga not to ask questions as she wouldnt be able to answer them. ganga asks her to take the pain out, as the truth is already out of the closet, and asks her to share. the screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.

Precap: Madhvi asks niru, whats the matter and why does he always keep her out, of his deepest emotions, and never lets her in. she says that it feels he is hiding a secret. ammaji hears this from a distance. He asks what and how can she think so. ammaji intervenes, and they both are surprised. she asks her to go down, as she wishes to talk to her son in private. they are both tensed.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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