Ishqbaaz 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhay Gets The Mills Tape


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Shivaye throws colors at Anika. Music plays…… Some time before, Om wakes up hearing Gauri’s prayers. He asks her to ring bell slowly. She rings bell near his ears. He stops her and asks why are you doing this, my head is aching. She says why not, you had that love herb. He asks what, how. She says that cake got that herb. He says I had it, then what happened of Shivaye. She says don’t know. Shivaye wakes up. Anika asks are you fine. He asks how did you wake up early, did you not sleep. She says you were not fine. He says Om says right about love, I m okay now. She asks him to get fresh.

Rudra asks did you had that herb, so…?? did anything happen? Did Sharma ji’s wall break? Om says stop it, its wall of shyness, nothing happened. Rudra says don’t worry, we will make a new plan. Bhavya says nothing will happen if we make plans, we have to leave them alone. Rudra says I won’t go away from Shivaye. Gauri says we will make excuse and go out for some time. Rudra says nice idea, I will tell senior Oberois to go out. Gauri says I will give holiday to servants. Om asks did you tell everyone. Rudra says they left. Gauri and Bhavya come. Shivaye asks where are you going. Rudra says out. Anika says come for breakfast. Gauri says we will have it there at the art exhibition, Om is taking us. Om says we are getting late. They leave.

Bhavya says commissioner is in town, he called me. She leaves. Shivaye asks Rudra are you going to buy gym equipment. Rudra says I m going office. He leaves. Shivaye asks Anika to call others for breakfast. She says there is no one at home, elders went for picnic, servants got a leave, its just us. He says it means there is no one at home. She says don’t know why they had to go together. He says it means there is no one at home, no one….. She says stop, I have a surprise. He says no surprise. She says just 2mins, there is a surprise in your room, wear it and meet me at pool side. She goes.

Tej says where did mum and Jhanvi go. Pinky says they went for walk. Shakti says I recalled old days coming here. Pinky says yes. Shakti says we miss children. Tej says children have grown up. Shakti says we got old. Pinky says I still look Shivaye’s sister. Shakti asks how did you make picnic plan. Tej says Omru asked us to stay out of Oberoi mansion. Shakti says they want Shivaye and Anika to spend time. Tej says it really feels like everything got fine, we are together and happy. Pinky says happiness should always be same.

Abhay and Shwetlana try to find the supervisor. Abhay asks people by showing the pic. A man says I know him and tells address. They reach a place. Shwetlana says its no use, we won’t get anything here, can’t you see the house’s state, I m sure all the valuable things got stolen. He gets angry. She says that supervisor had something imp, we can find that stolen things. He asks how. She says I have thought about it.

Shivaye comes at pool side. He senses Anika and turns. They see each other. O jaana…..plays…. He holds her close to kiss. She turns away. Shwetlana and Abhay come to the market. He asks why did you get me here. She says says thief sells off the stolen things, this is chor bazaar, what we are finding is useless for others, no one will buy it. He asks how will we find it. She says we have to find the main seller, come. She asks him to get ready to change disguise. He asks what. She says we have to become like them and get the deal.

Shivaye says don’t ask what I m doing. Anika says no, you didn’t ask the other surprise. He says you are a surprise for me. She shows the food and says I made it for you. He holds stomach. He asks what was the need to cook. She says I had to make you feel special. She says but this was not needed. She says I know I can’t cook good like you, but I made it by love. He says you know my state yesterday. She says you mean you will get unwell if you eat food cooked by me. He says no. She says I can understand everything. She argues. He says I will have it. She gives him a rose. He thanks her. He asks what’s this. She says its pasta. He asks do you know making pasta, how did you manage. She says by following internet. He asks what was the need to work so hard. She says just have it. They hear someone. He says I will see what’s that. He goes. She says he didn’t have pasta made by me, it smells good.

Khanna asks the man to work well. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Khanna says painters came to paint the hall. Shivaye says no, do tomorrow. The man asks shall we keep the items here. Shivaye says fine, just go. He asks Khanna to go, he doesn’t need security. He shuts the door. Shwetlana and Abhay dress like foreigners. She asks for old tapes for documentary. She explains Abhay. The man gives some old tapes. She says I will give you dollars. They leave. A man looks on and greets them. He says you want old and mysterious tapes, come to my shop. He takes them to his shop. He asks what do you want. The man gets some tapes. She asks what’s this. She dumps that and asks for Kalyani mills footage. The man says I don’t have. Abhay bribes him. The man says yes, I have something, maybe its useful for you. Abhay asks him to get it.

Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, some painters came and I made them leave. She asks why. He says I don’t want anyone to disturb us. She asks why. He walks ahead and paint box falls. She laughs. He throws color on her. She looks at herself. He drops the box. O jaana….plays…. Abhay says I hope we get all answers in this tape. Shwetlana and Abhay see the video. They see Tej. She says its Tej. He says it means dad used to say right, some Oberoi ignited fire in mills, Tej we have gone through a lot because of you, you ruined my family, its your turn to get ruined.

Shivaye and Anika lie down in the colors. Ishq hai aansun….plays…. They get close.

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