Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey 13th September 2017 Written Update


Scene 1
Adhi says don’t shout. I think you still didn’t get the lesson. Your parents were running when they got killed. You did the same thing by running. That accident can happen again. This time the car would hit the baby. Then you would remember the lesson forever. I wanted to see this fear in your eyes. It will stay here forever. Bharat grasps his collar and says where is my daughter? He sits in his feet. He says I beg you please give us our daughter back. Ambika bows down too. She says please give me my daughter back.
Adhi says don’t worry. What happened to your victorious face? Adhi says she has been left at your house. Devi and everyone run towards house. Masa says top. Go and prepare we will send doli at your house.

Masa says to urmi this

is your last day in your house. Get lost. Everyone comes to house and look for ishu. She is nowhere. Rekah is crying. She says where is my ishu? They hear ishu crying. Devi goes after the voice. She is crying inside the bookshelf. Devi brings her out. Ishu hugs her and cries. She says I was so scared. DEvi calms ishu down.
Bharat says I knew nothing would happen to ishu. Nothing would happen. Devi says because of that urmi you sent me with that policeman. I told you so many times don’t do this. I told you he would find a way to get me back. This won’t happen again. He scared ishu. This all is happening because of me. I am married now. I will go there. Kesar comes to Devi. She says please dont do anything. Please come out for bidai. They won’t ever let you go anywhere.
Devu comes to her room and cries. She packs her bag. Ishu comes there.
Devi says to Bharat I will go there now. And I have a dream.. I will be my own hero. Everyone hugs her. They come out but there is no one with doli. Its just empty doli. Rekha says where are they?
Adhi says who will bring her? Masa says empty doli means her insult. He will come here and beg us to accpet his doctor.
All the women start taunting on the empty doli. Bharat says to Devi this is the chance we were looking for. You should go to Dehli and forget all this. DEvi says I won’t run anymore. Bharat says this is not married. Devi says this is truth that I am his wife. No one can deny that fact. Not even him. I will take my doli myself.

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