Kalash 11th August 2016 Written Update


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Kalash 11th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Devika says to Janki that why Nivi didnt call till now? Monty must have told her that we have bought her house but she didnt call us. Janki says i told my agent to take Saket’s name as his boss so she must be busy in finding with Saket but she will come to us soon. They sit in car. Saket comes out and sees them. Devika sees Saket and panics, she says Maa Saket saw me, she asks driver to drive, Saket runs behind them but they drive away, Saket gets angry, he says she was Devika. Devika says to Janki that what will happen now? Janki says dont worry, Devika says he is not normal, he was running behind our car, he will try to find us, he will prove that i am Devika, i know him, i cant pretend to be Ambika when he is around, i shiver when he is around, Janki says its only your fear and you
have to control it otherwise Saket will use it, i know he is Devil but will you bow to him and let him break your strength? you cant do this because Mata Rani has chosen you to kill his evilness, i was scared of him too but i fought back and he got afraid in return, trust yourself, then everything will be fine, i am with you, i will protect you that Saket wont be able to hurt you, trust me i wont anything happen to you.
Saket comes to Nivi’s house and thinks that i have to talk to Shweta. Monty says what are you doing here even after doing that with Nivi? Saket says i told story to Nivi and she agreed with me, Monty says i will tell Nivi what your real intentions are, you tried to buy house, Saket says go tell Nivi that i did then we will see you getting beaten up, go now, he leaves.
Vikas says to Shweta that i have made coffee for you, Shweta says i dont want to, you dont care for me, Vikas says you are my only wife, i love you, i know i joke with you but you get miffed for small things, just say something. Saket comes there, Shweta meets him, Vikas asks if he has some important work? Shweta says he doesnt need invitation. Shweta makes Saket sit and says i have some important work with you, Vikas says you have to make some new plan? Shweta says leave, Vikas says okay fine, he leaves. Shweta closes her door, Saket shows Devika’s photo and says Ambika looks like this? She says yes, Ambika is same like Devika, Saket says why you didnt tell me earlier? Shweta says i just wanted to surprise you, Saket says i dont like surprises, Shweta says both are different in natures, Nivi tried everything but nothing proved that she is Devika, she has totally changed attitude, nothing proved that she is Devika. Vikas brings juice for Saket and asks him to drink, it will cool him down, Saket says leave, Vikas leaves. Saket says to Shweta that she is my Devika, she cant be Ambika, she got scared when she saw me, if she was Ambika then she wouldnt have left like that, she wouldnt have runaway, she is my Devika only.
Janki says to Devika that now we are at house, we have to be alert, i will do something to make him leave this city. Nivi comes there, Devika says what a surprise, she is about to hug Nivi but Nivi pushes her away and says dont act, you are fake, i shouldnt have trusted you, Janki says are you talking about that we bought your house in auction? Devika says are you serious? you are here just for that? if you dont trust me then we should end our friendship, Nivi says yes now that you have taken everything, you want to end friendship, you bought my 50% shares then you bought my house, you dont have anything to snatch now so you want to end friendship, you are a cheater, i am breaking your friendship, i dont need cheater friend like you, Janki says sit and calmly talk, Nivi says stay out of this, this is between us, she took my house from me, i am not going to let her break my future, why did you do it Ambika? i will not spare you, you will have to pay. Devika says you wont have to do anything, she goes to her room.
Saket is in his car and recalls how he threatened Devika. He recalls how Devika got scared seeing his face. He thinks that if she is DEvika then how did she become Janki’s daughter? i have to do something big.
Devika comes to her room and thinks that now you will take your words back, you havent seen my play, you will beg for forgiveness, she takes file. She brings file to Nivi and says that this has your property and shares, i dont need them, take them and get lost, i dont need it or your friendship, Nivi is confused, Devika says get lost from here, Nivi checks papers and is confused and thinks that why Ambika is giving my property papers and shares to me? Devika says i was doing everything for her, i was a nice friend but i am fool, i keep solving her problems but she keeps insulting me, who saves people from fire but i did it, you begged to me and i felt bad for you and thought to give you a chance, i thought i am getting a friend but you cant trust anyone so i dont want your friendship, my mom bought your house because remember how you were begging me to save your house, whole night was calling people to arrange funds for you, when we arranged it, i asked mom to go to auction and tell you that we have arranged funds and you can bid higher and higher, remember she tried to talk to you but you left auction, you didnt have time to talk to her, Nivi recalls how Janki tried to talk to her but she left auction, my mom didnt have any option, she didnt want anyone else to buy house so it was better that she bought house so we can give it to you later, we tried to help you only, if you dont trust us then why did you ask for help in first place? Nivi is shocked to hear that, Devika says about Monty, i doubt him, he can go against you, i told mom to not take risk with monty in bidding, i didnt want my friend to lose her house so i asked my mom to buy house so we can give it back to you, but i was fool, i forgot that Nivi cant trust anyone, she doesnt value friendship, take these papers and get lost, Nivi says i am sorry, i dont know why i dont trust you, i am stupid, she cries and says try to understand my situation, everything was snatched from me, i dont understand what is happening with me, i shouldnt have doubted you, i know you can forgive me, i am unstable but you are stable, forgive me. Janki says you can take house papers or they can be with us, tell us when you have arranged all money, you and your family can live in that house, Devika says she is worried Maa, dont ask for money, she is in difficult situation, let her be, Janki says you are emotional because of her friendship but this is our hard earned money, i am not asking for interest, she just have to return our amount, devika says it doesnt matter, just give her house like that, dont take money, Janki says 70crores is not a small amount, i have to answer bank, board of directors, and we can have income tax issue, you have hurt yourself on personal level and i dont want you to hurt yourself on professional level, these things should go as per law, Devika says but maa.. Nivi says Janki is right, i just want your forgiveness, i have arranged money, i have to arrange a little more amount then i will get my house back, she gives papers back to Devika and says please forgive me, she leaves, Devika smiles at Janki.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that you dont have option now, tell me that you are Devika, tell me you are my devika, answer me, Devika shouts yes, yes i am Devika, Ravi is stunned.

Written Update by Atiba

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