May I Come In Madam 11th August 2016 Written Update


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May I Come In Madam 11th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanju asking Kashmira to order soup. He says Khiloni’s wife is having labor pain, I said I won’t come, I have my family responsibilities. Bhupesh says you said great thing today, I m proud of you. Kashmira asks Sanju to go to Khiloni. He asks how will I go leaving you all here. She asks him to go and give good news. Sanju goes.

Sanjana, boss and Sanju sit holding hands to call her mum’s soul in Sanju. She says I m going to call mumma and talk to her, when she comes, the candle will get blown off. She calls her mum Sheela’s spirit. Boss says your mum did not understand English, talk in her language, she was illiterate. Sanju says fine, and talks in Bhojpuri. Sanju looks at her. She winks to him and blows off candle. Sanju starts acting. Sanjana tells her dad that candle is blown off, she is in Sanju, talk to her. Sanju talks as Sheela. Boss flirts with him.

Sanju talks as Sheela. Boss says she is my Sheela. Sanjana says don’t waste time, she is all yours, talk to her. Boss says I will talk. He says I missed you Sheela. Sanju says I know, I missed you. Boss says you will be in my arms and hugs Sanju. Sanju asks Sanjana to stop boss. Boss asks what. Sanju asks I mean, who is this madam, don’t get naughty infront of her. Boss says she is our daughter Sanjana. Sanju says she has grown up. Sanjana hugs Sanju. Boss hugs Sanju and says I was committing suicide. Sanju asks why did you not do, I mean why did you not call me here, I had hope. Boss says you loved milk, I will make you have a bucket of milk today. Sanju signs no to Sanjana. She signs I can’t help.

Later, Sanju comes home and finds everyone angry. He asks Kashmira why is she standing sad. Mummy says you said Khiloni’s wife had labor pain, but she came to find Khiloni. Bhupesh says she came running as a deer. Mummy asks for whose delivery did he go. Kashmira says you lied to me. Sanju says Khiloni lied to me, when I went there, he said he was joking, I got angry and scolded him. Dadi comes and says I know everything. Bhupesh and mummy run away. Dadi catches Sanju.

Bhupesh and mummy hide in bathroom and smile hearing Sanju getting beaten up. Boss and Sanjana come there. Sanjana says this is not fair. Boss says everything is fair in love and war, I will kiss your mumma on her forehead and come. She says Sanju is married, maybe he slept. Boss says fine, I will sleep forever. She says no, stop it, I will call Sanju.

Kashmira sleeps. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call. She asks did you not sleep. He says life’s problems do not let me sleep. She says I m in same state, I was missing you, I understood husband and wife love by you.

Sanju gets shocked and says keep saying, I m liking it. she says you have wife, I have no husband, I m waiting for you outside your house, come fast. He says yes, ofcourse. Boss tells Sanjana that its happening too much. She says looks who’s talking. Sanju goes to meet Sanjana. She says Papa wanted to wish good night to mumma, so I was thinking to get mumma in you. Boss threatens to die. Sanjana says its matter of few mins, get done with it. Sanju agrees. Boss gets cancle. Sanjana asks him to close eyes. Sanjana calls her mum. Sanju starts acting as Sheela. Sanjana goes and sits in car.

Kishore comes out and sees Sanju with his boss. Boss kisses on his forehead. Kishore says chee, Sanju used to see women, and now men, I will wear shirt, else he won’t leave me. Boss goes. Kishore stops Sanju. Sanju asks what happened. Kishora asks what was happening. Sanju says boss came to say goodnight to me. Kishore asks does goodnight said like this, does Kashmira know this. Sanju asks does police know you locked Kanchan at home since one week. Kishore sings and goes.

Its morning, boss goes to Sanjana and asks her for a favor to call her mumma. She says no, what do you want to do. He says I have to go for movie with her. She says no, I can’t fulfill your daily demands. He says I did not tell you in childhood that I won’t fulfill your daily demands, its fine, I can’t demand, but I can commit suicide. She asks him to send Sanju to cabin.

Sanju comes. She praises him and asks him will he love to watch a movie. He asks with whom. Her dad comes and laughs. Sanju says no, this is too much. Boss says we will decide it, you are a medium, stay as medium, else I can do something. Sanjana says please, one last time. Sanju agrees. Sanjana calls her mumma. Sanju starts acting. Boss says come, we wil go for a movie. They leave.

Boss hugs him. Sanju says come fast, we will can miss movie. Boss flirts with him and says we will go on bike. Boss asks him to hold him tight. Sanju asks what will people say. They leave. Boss applies break and Sanju holds him. mummy is at veg stall and sees them. She angrily crushes a tomato.

Sanjana says I m thanking you by heart. Kashmira puts phone on speaker and hears Sanjana. Sanjana thanks Sanju for going on movie with her dad. Dadi comes and throws his phone.

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