Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2017 Written Update


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Mere Angne Mein 28th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aarti managing baby and cooking duties together. Shanti reminds Kaushalya that she also used to do all work alone. Kaushalya hears the baby crying. Aarti takes baby in her arms and consoles. She ties baby to herself and cooks food. Shanti and Kaushalya come to see. She sees Aarti with the baby. Kaushalya gets shocked and says she found a solution soon. Shanti says see what happens next. Aarti says I forgot to tell Shanti, there are no potatoes at home.

Producer meets Nandu. He sees the slap mark on her face. Pari says this girl will tell everything to Naandu. Preeti says we will say we went to temple. Nandu asks the girl what happened. She says your wife did all this. He asks did Preeti come here, when. She says she asked me to stay away from you, we had a fight. He

says she can’t fight, I know her, she is my wife. She says fine, go and give shot, I m fine. He says I will come back and talk. The man asks the producer to show video to Nandu. She says no, this video will make our film hit, give this in social media.

Aarti comes and says potatoes got over. Shanti asks shall we grow at home. Aarti says no, I will go and get but I have no money. Shanti gives her money. Shanti asks her to come soon. She manages the baby and thinks how to make Aarti out of house.

Aarti sees Ajay and cries. She touches his feet. Ajay gets angry and starts insulting her. Shivam looks on. Aarti asks what are you saying, you know very well that I just loved you and thought for you, sindoor is filled by Shivam forcibly, I asked him to wipe it. Ajay asks her to move. Aarti says fine, I have a request, don’t call me characterless, entire world is called me characterless, fine, atleast you don’t say this, you have loved me some time. He says I don’t love you, you don’t get your shadow around me. She says fine, I promise I will always take your name and die. He says then die, who asked you to stay alive. She cries.

Ajay says don’t shed fake tears, I used to do right, I used to beat you, Shivam is a simple man, how will he pass his life, people call you characterless, they are right, don’t come back in my life, remember the pain of that beating. Ladies see Aarti with Ajay, and click pic to send Shanti. Aarti holds Ajay’s hand and cries. Ajay goes and stops Shivam. He asks why did you marry Aarti, leave her, your family is worried, she was my wife before, she is characterless. Shivam says I know her and I know you, better be quiet. Ajay asks what did she do that you are taking her side, tell me, you are going against your friend, its not your mistake, she is such thing. Shivam gets angry and scolds him. He says its good you left her, else she would have been in trouble.

Ajay says don’t give me Gyaan, I know why is this happening. Shivam says nothing can happen of this society till guys like you stay, women is Devi, Sati, and when she becomes Kaali, Shiv has to fall in her feet. He goes. Ladies come to Shanti and show pic of Aarti and Ajay. She asks them to leave from the locality. Chandra thinks to raise in Shanti’s eyes. Shanti says send her, what shall I do. Aarti comes home.

Lady asks her to leave. Chandra defends Aarti and sends the lady. Shanti asks Chandra why did he stop the ladies. Chandra says Shivam and Raghav would not like this, your relations would have got tension, you are forgetting, your lives have problem. He asks her not to spoil her image, way will get easy, Charni will go some day on her own, she could not forget Ajay, if she does not become of Shivam, what will she do here. Shanti says you are big Gyaani, Lord gave you much sense. He goes to pray. Shanti calls Nimmi and asks her to do preparations for puja and aarti, Aarti met her old lover, when Shivam comes, we will do his aarti. Aarti cries and recalls Ajay’s words. She thinks why does Ajay hate me, I love him, I m not characterless.

Shivam says Aarti will not go out of this house. Shanti asks why, you both don’t each other. He says for baby, she is Raina’s mum, she will stay here.

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