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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update : Saxena And Gupta’s Experiment

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update : Saxena And Gupta’s Experiment


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.co

Vibhu greets Angoori, angoori singing songs,vibhu insults tiwari, Angoori says quite dare you, he has gifted me lot of jewellery, vibhu says all fake, tiwari walks and says all because you are fraud, vibhu says im not you trapped bhabhiji, Angoori says he didnt i love him, tiwari says she is happy with me unlike you bhabhiji is so unhappy with you, and you have bought all your degrees, Tiwari and Vibhu get in argument, Angoori stops them.

malkan asks Tilu on-call where is he and is shocked, malkan starts crying,teeka asks whats wrong,malkan says tilu hooked with a girl, master walks to them abd scolds them, malkan says why do you always bother us, tiwari asks whats wrong, malkan asks master where too, master says im supervising voting locations, malkan and teeka make fun of it, tiwari

explains them not to and the importance of voting.prem joins them,prem says i dont have voter card,tiwari says I shall help lets go and leaves.

Daddy visits Angoori, daddy says im a bit in tension, Tiwari walks in and greets daddy, angoori asks whats the tension, daddy says your uncle from Bharampur he is coming to see you, and i told him you are marrying a professor, Angoori asks why did you do that, daddy says because he wanted you to marry a eductaed person and i had to lie to supress the 14 lakhs i loanex from him and tiwari you stay away from him, Angoori asks what will we do then, Vibhu walks in and greets daddy, and invites daddu for drinks.

Gupta and saxena experiment and prepare an solution that makes a person speak true, Gupta injects solution in saxena to check whether experiment works. Gupta says it will work for half an hour only say something about me, Saxena says you look like a frog and you are an hopeless person, Gupta says we will try it on boys too, Saxena says done deal.

Tiwari walks to vibhu, Vibhu asks why are you here, tiwari tells about uncle situation, and me and daddy want you to act as her husband,vibhu thinks what an opportunity but he insulted me a lot i won’t agree soon, Tiwari and Vibhu agree a deal on 25000, Angoori walks in and requests vibhu to help, vibhu says yes, angoori thanks him.

boys at tea stall, teeka says its kanchans birthday today, boys get excited, Tilu says let’s give her some gift, malkan says and from where will we fund that, Tilu says look hapu is coming, tilu starts acting as if he is having acute stomach ache, hapu asks whats wrong,teeka says Tilu has harnia in his stomach and needs to be operated we need 2000 more for his operation,hapu hands them money.boys leave.

Gupta and Saxena walk to tea stall, Saxena says they fooled you hapu thats what they are good at, hapu says i really thought he is unwell, Saxena says its all for girls, hapu says they always do this to me, Saxena says its because you are fool. Gupta tells about experiment.

Tiwari aays Angoori come here,from tomorrow your uncle will be here and Vibhu will be your husband for him,angoori says we will meet secretly, Tiwari says he will judge yiur character,angoori says i will miss you a lot,tiwari says come close to me,vibhu walks in through window.

.pre cap : Daddy says tiwari we need servants, tiwari acts as servant in front of uncle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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